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Success in Your International Projects

Succeeding your international project is not that easy. You will need the temporary change in living & working environment. This is about the management of your projects across boarders & cultures.

One of the primary challenges in international projects is to ensure that every team member has the proper vision & mission. Most importantly they speak the same language!


Your main objectives:

  • Develop your sales

  • Conquer new international markets

  • Anticipating changes in competition

  • Clarify your business goal



In the international business environment, there is no such standardization that match 100%, as you wish

You have to consider the following: 

  • Political & legal systems

  • Cultural differences

  • Accounting standards

  • Quality standards & unit of measure

  • Language barriers

  • Time zone changes

  • Economic conditions


Key of success:

  • Adaptation skills & attitude modesty

  • Intercultural communication skills & sociability

  • Extensive knowledge of the host country

  • International management skills

  • Personal & professional commitment to the assignment and to experiencing an enriching life in another culture


Your organization must be internationally effective:

  • Prioritize your objectives, performance target & be realistic

  • Be clear & make sure that everyone is understood on: agreement with partners, operational goals & performance targets

  • Select partner organizations that have compatible or complementary competencies, management practices & organizational cultures

  • Be clear on governance mechanisms and definitions of the roles and responsibilities of the partner organizations and the middle and senior project managers

  • Constantly assess the sociopolitical and economic environment of the project,Making ongoing adjustments during implementation if necessary, for sure there are considerations & limitations


Provide cross-cultural training with essential skills for living and working in another culture and interacting with expatriate colleagues. Appoint a senior-level project manager who will ensure funding, obtain the CEO’s attention, facilitate headquarters-to- field communication, and troubleshoot on issues.