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Harsh Reality Of StartUp


1. Nobody is waiting for your company to exist.

2. New products and services are created everyday.

3. People aren't exactly hunting looking to spend their money on stuff they haven't heard of.

4. The second your name or brand is a barrier to your growth, there is a huge problem.

5. Think about what comes first, or your customer's needs? it's not going to feel good any of those times.

6. Starting a business is like riding a roller coaster. Ups and downs and sometimes really flat.

7. You have to make money to exist and to live. Your personal life is going to suffer. Although, if you're doing what you ought to be doing then you probably don't notice too often.

8. Very few startup get it right the first time. Most people will fail and fail spectacularly before they stumble upon something that actually works. Just simply don't make the same mistake twice.

9. Many though deciions to be made. Everyone has opinions, but in the end you are the captain and the ship must head in the direction that you believe it should head. Listening to others only allows you to push the blame of failure onto others.

10. Your ideas are only good ideas if people are willing to pay for those ideas.
Good products and services are the products and services that sells! Now you understand it... but it will take a long paragraph to explain...

Success is subjective. A winner is only a winner when he decides he's a winner.