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4 Awesome Ways To Test Cross-Browser Compatibility

Something that makes a website greatis when it is compatible in multiple browsers regardless of version. Technically this is referred to as cross-browser compatibility.

At BrowserStack, you get instant access to real desktop and mobile browsers for development and testing. Test your public and internal websites in 4 different ways:

Live: Interactive testing and debugging of websites and design files. Start testing now.

Automate: Run Selenium and JavaScript unit tests on multiple browsers in parallel. Visit your dashboard to get started.

Screenshots: Check web page layouts across multiple browsers at once. Take screenshots instantly.

Responsive: View websites on real devices, with actual screen sizes, resolutions and viewports. Optimize your design.

Protip: Testing is more awesome as a team. Add more members to your team on BrowserStack to make your testing process better. Invite Team

8 Reasons Why You Need a Website

8 Reasons Why You Need a Website

1. Your business will gain credibility
2. Websites never sleep and always accessible
3. Your top competitor has a website
4. It gets you found. "Just Google It"
5. Websites improve customer confidence & corporate image
6. Small businesses have higher revenue, with a professional website
7. Websites help establish more customers
8. Reachable anywhere

8 Raisons pour lesquelles vous avez besoin d'un site Web

1. Votre entreprise va gagner en crédibilité
2. Siteweb ne dorment jamais et toujours accessible
3. Votre principal concurrent a un site
4. Vous pouvez être trouvé. Il suffit de demander "Google"
5. Sites améliorer la confiance des clients et image de l'entreprise
6. Les petites entreprises ont des revenus plus élevés, avec un site web professionnel
7. Sites aider à établir plus de clients
8. Joignable partout

8 Alasan Mengapa Anda Perlu Website

1. Bisnis Anda akan mendapatkan kredibilitas
2. Website tidak pernah tidur dan selalu dapat diakses
3. pesaing atas Anda memiliki website
4. Bisnis Anda dapat ditemukan. "di Google saja".
5. Website meningkatkan kepercayaan pelanggan & citra perusahaan
6. Usaha kecil & menengah akanmemiliki pendapatan yang lebih tinggi, dengan website profesional
7. Website dapat membantu untuk mendatangkan pelanggan
8. Terjangkau di mana saja