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Dynamic Ads

Abandoned Shopping Carts

Too many abandoned shopping carts are most of the problem for most online marketers. In fact, almost three-quarters of shopping carts worldwide are abandoned before the potential customer enters their payment information.

Follow Up

If you’re not following up with potential customers who were close to completing a purchase, you’re quite simply missing out on sales.

Data from eMarketer shows that a retargeting message within an hour of abandoning the cart results in a 20.3% conversion rate. Second and third messages also convert well, with a third message after 72 hours converting at 18.2 percent. eMarketer’s statistics are based on emails, but they note that retargeting ads are another key option for this kind of messaging.

Dynamic Ads

Using dynamic ads in combination with data gleaned from the Facebook Pixel, you can serve ads promoting the exact product currently sitting abandoned in your potential customer’s shopping cart, providing the nudge your fans need to head back to your website and complete the sale. You could even offer an incentive, like a discount or free shipping, to help overcome the challenges that may have caused them to abandon the cart in the first place.


 Image via eMarketer.