Accounting and financial management

Financial and Accounting Management Consultant: Navigating Finances

Accounting and financial management

Financial and Accounting Management Consultant: Navigating Finances

Financial and Accounting Management

A Financial and Accounting Management Consultant provides a range of services to businesses to help you to optimize your financial management processes and improve your financial performance.

The financial performance of your business is closely linked to both the business strategy and the management solution used. AB Consultants supports you in implementing integrated accounting and financial management, optimizing your general, auxiliary, analytical and budgetary accounting and fulfilling your legal obligations. We help our clients to align your finance organizations with the strategies and needs of their businesses to realize and sustain value over the long term.

Control your company’s financial flows and balances (cash flow, fixed assets, means of payment and banking communication) and evaluate your company’s financial performance (tax return, consolidation, financial reporting)!

What is accounting and financial management software?

Accounting management software is a real decision-making tool for finance professionals. It is used to manage a company, plan and control various data (dashboards, supplier invoices, analytical plans, etc.)

An accounting management solution completely fulfills basic accounting tasks (accounting for purchase and sale invoices, fixed assets acquired or sold, statements, credit cards, editing of accounting documents and end-of-year entries ).

The need for accounting software is essential for a business to manage incoming and outgoing cash flows. In addition, a powerful accounting and finance software can optimize profitability, define tax obligations, manage cash flow, ensure compliance and the viability of a business.

Our Missions

1. Main missions:

  • Participate in the choice of strategy and its implementation (mission of business partner).
  • Ensure economic profitability and transmit its analyses.
  • Ensure that accounting and tax rules are complied with.
  • Manage the company’s liquidity and cash and exercise internal control.

2. Performs several actions such as:

  • Optimize the management of sources of capital and their uses, with a view to profitability and risk control.
  • Cost optimization and to identify the key cost areas, optimize business processes and reduce costs of doing business. This is to improve the profitability and the competitive position of the company.
  • Ensure relations with fund providers (shareholders, banks, financial markets, etc.).
  • Report on the financial situation to the CEO, the board of directors, the supervisory authorities (for example the listed companies), auditors, financial rating agencies.
  • Prepare budgets and monitor their execution in collaboration with the management controller.
  • Provide simulations of profitability and financial risk as a decision-making aid for major investment projects and to put into perspective the major balances of the company or institution.
  • Prepare and implement major financial transactions (issues of securities, initial public offering, mergers and acquisitions).
  • Supervising accounting, treasury and, generally, legal and tax issues and risk control (in particular interest rate, foreign exchange, liquidity, counterparty risks).

Depending on the size of the company, he may also oversee general services, office selection, IT, payroll, human resources, etc. In large companies, the function may be separated into chief financial officer, human resources director and legal director.

3. Interim CFO

The intervention of a transition CFO will allow you to structure the management of your company’s accounts and ensure profit optimization. The financial departments of companies are increasingly calling on interim managers, with the aim of managing contexts of transformation or financial crisis. Transition experts specializing in finance provide operational services over several months with very specific objectives to develop your business. Do you need a financial framework quickly? Are you looking for a financial transition manager? Managers en Mission has a network of qualified experts in transition management in finance!

The advantages of interim management in finance

Each transition manager in finance has the support of his partner, called “mission director” and also transition manager. An additional asset to ensure the success of the mission! A monthly summary produced by these two professionals presents the progress of the project.

In addition, the interim managers in our network operate under wage portage. Their intervention is therefore simplified and secure. This solution does not cost you more, but saves you valuable administrative time!

Why hire an interim manager in finance?

A transition CFO can intervene in your company in several frameworks:

  • To replace a vacant position while benefiting from external expertise. Recruiting an interim manager is a temporary solution while waiting for the arrival of the successor to whom he will hand over.
  • Experienced, this former executive is immediately operational and above all autonomous.
    To come in reinforcement, in order to absorb an overload of activity.

4. Turnaround and Restructuring

Turnaround and Restructuring Consultant, often described as an emergency room (ER) job, there to save companies in difficulty, the restructuring industry is in full swing in times of crisis. Yet associated with the culture of rebound, restructuring, which refers to the operations necessary to reorganize a company in difficulty according to new principles, comes up against psychological barriers and cognitive biases that are formed when mentioning difficulties. Less and less stigmatized and taboo, this market offers many opportunities for both current and future professionals in the sector.

5. Mergers and Acquisitions

Merger and Acquisition consultant advise companies on M&A opportunities and help them prioritize opportunities based on deal valuation and return maximization criteria, whether it be a merger, acquisition, disposal or business integration.

M&A advisors are actively involved in financial modeling of the target’s future, structuring the deal and negotiating the amount to gain a strategic advantage. It therefore takes an accomplished consultant to research potential buyers, perform in-depth financial analysis, complete due diligence, lead the negotiations and properly assess the risks involved in the transaction.

Our consultants can assist businesses in the financial due diligence process for mergers and acquisitions. This includes analyzing financial statements, assessing financial risks, and developing post-merger integration plans.

6. Financial Planning and Analysis

The consultant can help businesses develop a comprehensive financial plan and forecast for their future financial needs. This includes analyzing their current financial situation, identifying areas for improvement, and developing strategies to achieve their financial goals.

7. Financial Reporting

The consultant can help businesses create accurate and timely financial reports that provide valuable insights into their financial performance. This includes preparing financial statements, such as balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements, and providing analysis on key financial metrics.

8. Accounting Systems Implementation

The consultant can help businesses implement accounting systems that streamline their financial management processes and improve their financial reporting capabilities. This includes selecting and implementing the right accounting software, designing and implementing accounting processes, and training staff on how to use the new system.

9. Risk Management

The consultant can help businesses identify and manage financial risks that may impact their financial performance. This includes assessing potential risks, developing risk mitigation strategies, and monitoring and reporting on risk exposures.

Why choose accounting management software?

The significant demand for modernization of financial operations is the main reason for using an accounting and financial management solution. Nowadays, companies need to analyze the increasing volumes of data coming from different sources such as banking transactions, online loan applications or stock and/or commodity trading.

Accounting software allows you to improve the management of your business and benefit from a complete solution adapted to your regulatory constraints. Analyzing your data by setting up simple accounting and financial processes makes it possible to establish a restitution of your results via reporting tools.

The emergence of mobile applications as well as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Big Data are among the trends that have impacted the market for accounting and financial management solutions. Thanks to mobile applications, users can easily send invoices, validate payments or even plan budgets in real time.

High-performance accounting and financial management softwares can combine several basic modules and functions to manage a company’s financial processes. With the use of software, it makes it possible to optimize cash flow and reduce cash management costs, also offers the Sage 100 solution, an accounting and financial suite that centralizes all data and automates a company’s financial flows.

The accounting management of a company also makes it possible to automate the flow of customer receivables by taking charge of the edition of purchase orders, quotes, that of invoices, and by recording customer payments until the follow-up of the deposit at the bank.

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