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At AB Consulting, we unlock powerful solutions by combining deep expertise with unmatched flexibility. Leveraging our comprehensive knowledge in finance, operations, technology, and marketing, we bridge the gap between large-firm experience and personalized attention, empowering your business to achieve remarkable results.

Financial and Accounting management

The financial performance of your business is closely linked to both the business strategy and the management solution used.

Mergers and Acquisitions

M&A consultants advise on opportunities and prioritize deals based on valuation and return goals, including mergers, acquisitions, disposals, and integrations.

Turnaround and Restructuring

Navigating tough times: Business mediation, backup plans, and recovery strategies. We specialize in discreet business restructuring amid sensitive situations.

We offer personalized support to implement a sales management solution tailored to your needs: quoting, opportunity tracking, purchasing, sales, inventory, payments, and invoicing.

Looking for a management solution tailored to your production cycles and constraints? Enhance your industrial potential with performance indicators for stock and cost control, traceability, customer satisfaction, and production quality analysis.

Marketing Management

As tough times lie ahead for businesses, effective and impactful marketing management is more important than ever to maintain a steady flow of customers, thereby amplifying revenue streams

Payroll and Human Resources management

Seeking a payroll and HR management solution that fits your needs and ensures legal compliance? From managing paid leave to expense reports, dashboards, training, career development, and professional interviews, we’ve got you covered.

Reporting and Decision making

Simplified business management and performance analysis enhance efficiency and cost control. Business Intelligence tools aid in analyzing progress, decision-making, and communicating quantified results.

Cloud and Digitalization

Cloud solutions drive your company’s digital transformation, boosting speed, efficiency, and productivity securely! Regardless of your company’s size, digitization automates processes like accounting, finance, purchasing, and HR management.

Unleash Your Business Potential with Innovative Consulting at AB Consulting

Innovative Business Consulting
Navigating Today’s Market Challenges

Unleash your business potential with AB Consulting

Unlock Your Business Potential: Partner with AB Consulting

AB Consulting empowers businesses to unlock potential, maximise growth, and achieve sustainable success through tailored solutions, data-driven insights, and expert guidance.

By partnering with AB Consultant, companies gain a trusted advisor who navigates complexities, identifies untapped opportunities, and fosters a culture of continuous improvement, ultimately propelling them towards long-term profitability and market leadership.

For example, we helped a leading manufacturer streamline their production process, resulting in a 15% increase in efficiency and a 10% reduction in costs. We also partnered with a healthcare provider to implement a new patient engagement platform, leading to a 20% increase in patient satisfaction and a 5% boost in appointment bookings.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your business? Schedule a free consultation today to discuss your specific needs and how we can help you achieve your goals.



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Company Values & The Relationship

While showcasing company values on reports and websites fosters connection, culture, and differentiation, the real challenge lies in aligning behaviors with those values. This applies to all levels, especially leaders who serve as role models.

As business consultants, we believe a strong connection between company values and stakeholder relationships is crucial. This alignment builds a sustainable competitive advantage and fosters a culture of trust, accountability, and mutual respect, ultimately driving innovation, growth, and long-term profitability.

As the saying goes, “the value of a company is estimated by the quality of the service rendered or the product manufactured”.

What Our Clients Think

Leveraging deep industry expertise, AB Consulting helps businesses achieve remarkable results through customized solutions. We prioritize building long-term client partnerships founded on mutual trust and exceptional service. Our commitment to client satisfaction is evidenced by glowing testimonials and proven success stories across diverse industries.

Robert happy client at AB Consulting Company


Happy Client

Every advice from AB Consulting is valuable and quickly pays for itself.

Skeelbox’s guidance has been invaluable since day one of our site acquisition. Their advice quickly pays off, acting as a development catalyst. Our satisfaction stems from their thorough pre-purchase e-commerce site audit, ongoing support in SEO, SEA, and TMA, and tailored advice in marketing and logistics. Working with their available, pedagogical professionals has been a pleasure and is indispensable for e-commerce growth.

Mathew a happy client at AB Consulting Company


Happy Client

I only had one regret: not having contacted AB Consulting sooner!

AB Consulting consultants are real experts in online sales, always very available. They advised us of very good ideas to put in place to boost the turnover of our site.
On the other hand, the drafting of Made in Skeelbox specifications is a guarantee of seriousness when consulting service providers, allowing us to better secure our investments on the internet.

Lucia a happy client at AB Consulting Company


Happy Client

A quality audit, which made it possible to provide the external vision that Management was looking for

We’ve selected AB Consulting for our financial merger and acquisition, relying on their sector expertise to improve our strategy. Their service, characterized by high quality and thorough bilateral exchanges, facilitated a comprehensive audit. These exchanges were invaluable for clarifying key elements and providing the external perspective sought by management, adding significant value to our development.

Insights & Intelligence

Welcome to Insights & Intelligence, the blog from AB Consulting! Here, we bridge the gap between data and actionable knowledge, delivering insights that empower your business to thrive. Insights & Intelligence isn’t just another blog; it’s your trusted partner for business growth. Bookmark this page and join us as we explore the intersection of data and actionable intelligence, empowering you to make informed choices and propel your business forward. Stay ahead of trends, unlock hidden potential, and gain expert perspectives.