Cloud and digitalization

Cloud and Digitalization Management Solutions

Cloud and digitalization

Cloud and Digitalization Management Solutions

Cloud and Digitalization

Cloud-related technological advances offer many new opportunities and applications for companies. Today cloud and digitalization is important for a business.Propel your business into the digital age with our comprehensive cloud and digitalization strategies. Tailored to streamline operations and enhance agility, our solutions unlock new levels of efficiency and innovation. Discover how transitioning to the cloud can transform your business landscape.

Software as a Service (SaaS) evolved from the growing need for a decentralized data processing system during the Third Industrial Revolution.
SaaS Management describes all the processes necessary to guarantee the extensibility of cloud software, to allow the development of the strategic objectives of the company as well as to provide a response adapted to the needs of the customer while respecting the standards of protection. and data security.

In addition to being able to store very large files in the cloud that become accessible anywhere and anytime, users can perform searches to find documents and print them much more easily than before.
But the diversity of Cloud services offered can put off those who lack technical expertise, who do not dare to venture to scan in the Cloud or print from the Cloud. The universe of the Cloud can even appear elusive for some.

By doing this you will gain efficiency, security gains, cost advantages and even environmental responsibility of cloud mode printing solutions to inform you and encourage you to adopt this mode of printing and scanning.

What are cloud-based document printing and scanning apps? How do they work?
Simply put, document scanning is converting documents to digital format for storage and cloud printing allows files to be printed directly from any application via the cloud.

Main missions:
  • Identifying the goals.
  • Mapping out the best scenario.
  • Process automation.
  • Advise, shape and deliver technology led transformation programs aiming to enhance end customers’ digital experience.
  • Helping our clients design and implement strategies.


Cloud solutions accelerate the digital transformation of your company: gain in speed, efficiency and improve your productivity in complete security!

AB Consultant offers you turnkey SaaS solutions, whatever the management area concerned: accounting and financial management, commercial activity management and CRM, payroll and HR management, reporting and decision-making.

AB Consultant also carries out the global outsourcing of Cloud solutions and supports the infrastructure, network and hosting of your existing solutions.

Do you want to use reliable, complete and efficient management solutions without managing infrastructure or hosting issues?


Do you want to optimize and secure your data exchanges thanks to solutions adapted to your needs?

Whatever the size of your company, digitalization makes it possible to automate business processes: accounting, finance, purchasing or human resources management, etc.

Digitalization consists of transforming physical documents into digital files or creating these documents directly in digital form to integrate them into a process. It can simply be a question of archiving in digital form letters, bank statements, etc., or of processing orders, delivery notes, invoices or payslips, etc.

The offers in SaaS mode put dematerialization within the reach of all companies!

Discover the digitalization solutions best suited to your business!

What are the benefits of cloud scanning and printing?

Efficiency gains in the workplace

Printing from the cloud allows team members to work on the device of their choice, a smartphone or a tablet, and print documents only when they really need a hard copy.

It is easier to access documents from any mobile device when they are stored in the cloud. Indeed, you can only print from a mobile terminal if you find a printer compatible with the operating system of the tablet or smartphone, or if there is a mobile application for the printer. It is therefore likely that printer models that are not recent enough are not compatible with the mobile device used. Printing from the cloud removes these barriers

Having access to documents and being able to print them everywhere transforms our working conditions

The Cloud creates a kind of virtual office: it connects people regardless of the distances that separate them and allows them to exchange documents as if they were in the same room.

Likewise, scanning documents and saving them electronically frees up office space from paper clutter, and document management systems make it easier to search through archive files.

Process Automation

How can Cloud Process Automation help your business?
Efficiently managing confidential and strategic content, the quantity of which is rapidly increasing, is becoming a priority for companies of all sizes.

Information management solutions can be complicated to implement, integrate and maintain, but the Cloud Process Automation takes the pain out of your hands. It’s fully managed in the cloud, comes pre-configured for popular business processes, and is ready to use in minutes.

The easy-to-use platform lets you capture, create, manage and store all of your business information in one place. Imagine the impact on your customer service and internal processes if you were able to locate the right information, access it securely, and process it instantly, from anywhere.

And security in all this?

When choosing a cloud storage service, security is an important point. Especially when it is intended to receive confidential documents. The integration of documents into these services must take place in a secure manner. This is the case with connectors dedicated to different Cloud services.

Using the APIs of these services, authentication is performed for the connection to the cloud server and the transfer is performed over a secure port. Depending on the login account, it is possible to have access to certain resources and not to others. The accessible folders can be resources shared with a group of users or be personal. In both cases, access to documents is secure.

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