Production management

Production Management Consultant

Production management

Production Management Consultant

Production Management

Do you want to optimize the monitoring and analysis of your production management tasks in real time? Are you looking for a management solution adapted to your production cycles and your manufacturing constraints?
Develop your industrial potential by using performance indicators to control stocks and costs, have useful traceability, improve customer satisfaction and analyze production quality.

AB Consultant advises and accompanies you to improve flow management by guaranteeing the respect of delivery deadlines, from the generation of the production order to the delivery through planning.

Production Management solutions

What is production management?

The main objective of all these actions is to optimize the production chain in terms of productivity, efficiency and quality.

Faced with these challenges, industrial companies encounter problems of information sharing, real-time communication and complex data analysis; a problem that software packages can easily solve.

Daily task management:
  • Development of the work plan
  • Production scheduling
  • Production line monitoring
  • Inventory management
  • Better industrial traceability

Examples of our services

The mission of the operational consultant goes beyond traditional advice, such as a diagnosis or the audit of a service or a process of your company.

He or she works with your employees to improve operations, intervene on practices by guiding the team on a new subject and by transferring their knowledge.

1. Organizational diagnosis followed by organizational development

Operational consultant in change management.
This service of the operational consultant can intervene to analyze and remedy a dysfunction within the company, or even anticipate a change in the operating conditions.

This may be the case of a change of scale, for example.

The operational consulting service will include a diagnostic phase and a support phase, which will change the organization or practices within the organization. The service may include change management if necessary.

2. Consolidate the supply chain

Operational consultant to consolidate the supply chain
After an exchange with the management on the observation, the operational consultant carries out a diagnosis. He or she proposes an intervention plan to consolidate the supply chain.

He or she will then accompany the teams in order to provide their expertise and support in the desired development.

The service may relate, for example, to:

  • The mastery of a supplier.
  • The deployment of a Sales and operations planning (SOP) approach.
  • The implementation or optimization of an Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.
  • Improved production monitoring.
3. Deployment of a lean management approach

This is a type of production organization that includes operations, suppliers and customer relationships . It requires less capital, less human effort, less space and less time to make products with fewer defects following the precise wishes of customers.

  • The operational consultant can deploy a lean management approach
  • The operational consultant can intervene either on the deployment of a global approach in the company, or to manage a particular project in the company.

In the overall approach, the service provider begins the mission with a diagnosis of lean management maturity, then offers support to develop lean management maturity within the company.

Support includes staff training and management of lean projects. Whatever type of mission is chosen, the operational consultant will endeavor to transmit his expertise to the teams.

Method of intervention in operational consulting

The operational consultant intervenes according to a process in five phases:

  • The operational consultant carries out a needs analysis with the client. He or she ensures the alignment of understanding of the problem and the operating mode of the service.
  • The diagnosis, comprising several stages: the documentary study, the interviews with the management, then the study of the situations in the field.
  • A phase to analyze and synthesize the situations, during which he or she designs recommendations and writes a report.
  • Feedback, accompanied by discussions with management to set the action plan to be implemented.
    The deployment of actions with the teams.

Experienced operational consultants

Operational consultants are experienced professionals; they have several years of experience in a management situation in a company and in a consulting firm. They are familiar with business support.

They also have industrial sector expertise such as:

  • Logistics and distribution.
  • Transportation.
  • Aeronautics, defence, space.
  • The automobile.
  • The railway.
  • The shipbuilding industry.
  • Energy, nuclear.
  • Agrifood.
  • Pharmacy and cosmetics.
  • Building.
  • Electrical industry and electronics.

Cost Optimization: Boosting Profits while Cutting Expenses (Cost Reduction Strategy)

Why use production management software?

Optimal cost management

This is an essential subject in terms of production. ERP software is able to automate the process of calculating purchase, production, transport and return costs. You minimize the risk of error and set your prices as accurately as possible.


Industrial traceability is a fundamental element for industrial companies. This is why some ERPs like divalto infinity make the entire manufacturing process visible and provide detailed information at each stage of product processing.

Production report

Production management software can also provide you with the production report and the figures to easily identify areas for improvement.

Unified and shared information

Thanks to these tools, information is pooled. You save valuable time thanks to a collaborative data space where information circulates in real time.

Ways to Improve Productivity in Your Business

The Production important features

Technical data

The ability to offer a large number of technical data distinguishes divalto infinity from other solutions on the market. It can manage generic nomenclatures, multi-nomenclatures, multi-production ranges, etc.

Cost analysis

Whether single or repetitive parts, small, medium or large series, divalto infinity estimates your intermediate or production costs for each of these scenarios.

Manufacturing orders

This ERP can be used to generate main or secondary production monitoring, to monitor the manufacture of semi-finished products, to prioritize and manage the entire manufacturing cycle. It is also an inventory management software that sets the level of availability as accurately as possible.

The production and business report

The Production functionality of divalto infinity is also able to estimate the productivity of each employee, which is a key indicator of efficiency for industrial companies.

To optimise your productions with ERP software

Some good practices to optimize production management is with ERP software that covers the entire production cycle whatever your activity and your workforce. It intervenes at several levels of management:

  • Automate tedious tasks with management software
  • Set up deadline reminders
  • Make visible and available for all schedule changes
  • Standardize best practices

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