Business consultant job description

Business Consultant Job Description

Business consultant job description

Business Consultant Job Description

Business Consultant Job Description

The business consultant works with companies to analyze and solve specific problems. It can operate in a wide variety of fields. It is an external service provider who generally works within a firm but who can also officiate as a freelancer. Make your best Business Consultant Job Description to get your best candidate.

Companies are increasingly entrusting their development projects to consulting firms. They therefore employ specialists in fields as varied as IT, e-commerce, organization, human resources, business development, taxation, logistics… The consultant’s work begins with the analysis of the existing (operation of services, information circuits, etc.). After making a diagnosis, he recommends solutions and monitors their application. In addition to his economic and technical skills, the consultant brings together many qualities: he listens, transmits his knowledge, persuades… not to mention his working hours.

Missions of the profession to become a consultant

Assigned to companies, the consultant aims to improve their functioning in a particular area. He advises their general management on improvements to be made in the area of ​​human resources, general organization, or even customer relations. He/she analyzes their problems, prescribes suitable solutions and accompanies their implementation.

Business Consultant’s role

A consultant can be a generalist or a specialist in a particular field. However, he always acts according to a process of expertise that meets specific standards.

In order to improve the functioning of a company, it will:
  • Analyze the needs and expectations of his client by listening and carrying out studies;
  • Carry out a pre-diagnosis in order to assess the feasibility and the opportunity of its mission;
  • Define the financial and human resources necessary for the smooth running of its mission;
  • Set up working methods by organizing a steering committee and working groups;
  • Define indicators to ensure the follow-up of its mission;
  • Analyze the existing situation within the company;
  • Develop different scenarios responding to the problem for which he has been assigned, and present them to his client;
  • Plan and implement the chosen scenario;
  • Carry out a study on its mission in order to allow the best possible feedback.
Qualifications required to become a business consultant

The business consultant is not always well received in companies. This is particularly the case in the services that it has just restructured. He must thus demonstrate excellent human qualities but also pedagogy. He must be a good communicator to get his ideas across.

To clearly identify the problems of a company, the consultant must know how to listen to his interlocutors. Curious and responsive, he knows how to ask the right questions to better define his mission. Having a spirit of analysis and synthesis is essential to understand and transcribe its objectives.

Finally, the consultant must know how to impose himself diplomatically with business leaders who have little time for him. He must often act alone and show a strong spirit of initiative. His rigor and creativity allow him to face constantly new situations and find appropriate solutions.

Career and possibility of evolution

A beginner consultant has little trouble finding a first job. The big firms are the biggest recruiters in the sector and know how to give newcomers a chance. Smaller structures are generally more cautious and prefer to hire experienced consultants who have already proven themselves.

During his career, a consultant will move from the rank of junior to that of senior and then manager. On the other hand, few are those who manage to reach the rank of associate within a firm. However, they can set up their own consulting firm.

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Example Business Consultant Job Description

The business manager manages and monitors a business with high technical and financial value (products, equipment, installations, services, solutions). The account manager is the link between the client and the company’s services by taking charge of the commercial, technical and financial aspects.


Business Development
Project management and monitoring
Negotiation and drafting of contracts

  • Analyze customer needs
  • Respond to calls for tenders
  • Prospect new customers in terms of feasibility and profitability
  • Retain existing customers in a given geographical area
  • Negotiate with customers
  • Monitors and coordinates operations
  • Coordinate technical studies and price studies
  • Search for potential partners and subcontractors
  • Assist customers
  • Ensures the transfer of the file to the teams in charge of production
  • Complies with social legislation and commercial law
  • Second language (French, German, Italian, etc.)
  • Uses IT and digital tools
  • Use communication tools
  • Adapts to changes in regulations

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The daily life of the public affairs consultant

The work of a consultant on the Brussels scene is divided into two main parts: public affairs and public relations. In the field of public affairs, the consultant is then a mediator between a client or an industrial association and the European decision-makers, both at the level of the Commission and of the Parliament and the Council. In the field of public relations; the consultant is also a mediator but between the public sector, consumers and industry. In this context, the consultant draws on issues raised at European level and “uses” the EU agenda to promote an aspect of a business.

The daily work of the public affairs consultant is divided between institutional monitoring and carrying out active lobbying campaigns. During lobbying campaigns, the consultant tries to modify or adapt draft legislation to ensure that its implementation is not impossible for the industry.

Skills Needed to Become a Public Affairs Consultant

  • Adaptability
  • Rigor and organization
  • Analytical skills
  • Economic and legal knowledge
  • Interpersonal and writing skills
  • English proficiency
  • Training to become a public affairs consultant
  • The level of training to become a consultant in public affairs required is a bac +5 minimum, most often with a specialization in communication. Profiles from business schools or IEP are appreciated.
The opportunities of the public affairs consultant

The public affairs consultant works within an agency or firm, specialized or generalist. He can also practice on his own account.

The salary of the consultant in European affairs

The consultant in European affairs earns an average of €35,000 gross per year at the start of his career and up to €70,000 annually at the end of his career.

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