ChatGPT the Chatbot With a Million Users that Impresses the Web


ChatGPT the Chatbot With a Million Users that Impresses the Web

ChatGPT the Chatbot

Thanks to artificial intelligence, ChatGPT is able to produce human-like texts and simulate believable conversations. The tool has exceeded one million users.

A real tidal wave! Currently in the testing phase, ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence-based conversational robot (chatbot), developed by OpenAI, has gone viral by surpassing one million users since it was made available to the public last week, said , in a tweet published this Monday, December 5, 2022 the CEO of the company Sam Altman. A dazzling success that can be explained by the impressive writing capabilities of this tool as well as its ease of use.

ChatGPT, the chatbot that answers your questions

Californian startup

Indeed, ChatGPT, created by the Californian startup behind DALL-E, is a prototype conversational robot powered by artificial intelligence capable of understanding human language, producing very precise written texts and simulating conversations in a extremely believable.

The dialog format allows ChatGPT to answer questions, acknowledge mistakes, or challenge and reject inappropriate requests,” OpenAI said in a statement released last week.

To achieve this, this technology has been tested on a large body of text:

  • newspaper articles
  • novels
  • film and television scripts
  • as well as online conversations.

Learning that allows him to understand the context of a conversation and to provide relevant and coherent answers.

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Start up Character.AI begins to overshadow ChatGPT as a Game-Changing AI Conversational Platform

A future competitor of Google?

According to Sam Altman, ChatGTP is only in its first iteration. If its development continues to accelerate, the tool could be, in the medium term, a credible alternative to Google because of its capacity to formulate complex answers to the requests of Internet users, underlines The Guardian.

In addition, ChatGPT, which can adapt to a wide range of subjects and language styles. This could also be used to generate content for websites, social networks or to write scripts for films or series. An ability that questions the place of the human being that this technology could well replace in the long term.

A concern however tempered by the current technical limitations of ChatGPT

The lack of nuance, critical thinking and the ability to make ethical decisions. Essential elements in the writing of certain types of content, particularly journalistic.

Moreover, the tool is not infallible and can provide completely false answers by writing “responses that look plausible (seeming likely to be true, or able to be believed) but are incorrect or nonsensical”, concedes the company. A problem that OpenAI recognizes as difficult to solve.

ChatGPT Flaws | Threatens to put several professions out of work, this time in the writing sector

Artificial Intelligence: definition, advice, comparisons and Examples of AI technology

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Photo credit: geralt via Pixabay

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