Hotel consultant

Hotel Consultant a Key Role for Your Business | Unlocking Success

Hotel consultant

Hotel Consultant a Key Role for Your Business | Unlocking Success

Unlocking Success: Why Hiring a Hotel Consultant is Vital for Your Business?

Running a successful hotel business can be a complex and demanding task. From managing operations, finances, and guest experiences, there are many components that must work together in harmony to create a positive and profitable business. This is where a hotel consultant can be a key asset to your business.

As a Hotel Consultant, we are also specialized in Hotel, Tourism and Leisure Consulting. Whatever your situation, calling on a hotel consultant is always a plus for your establishment. The latter will know what strategy to undertake in order to carry out your project and improve your productivity.

Strategic advice in tourism and hospitality

The market for tourism and the hotel industry is undergoing profound changes. The booking and consumption habits of hotel guests are changing, as are their expectations in terms of accommodation. If you want to open a hotel or optimize the profitability of your hotel, you need appropriate and objective advice.

Our consultants specializing in the hotel industry are able to understand both the foundations of the hotel industry and the future of the profession.

Our strategic consulting firm in tourism and hospitality

AB Consulting is also a consulting firm specializing in the field of tourism and hospitality. Our hotel consultants can support you at all stages of your hotel or accommodation project, whether it is just an idea or advanced to the pre-project stage.

Experienced hotel consultants

We advice to hotels and other commercial accommodation (residences, holiday villages, hotel clubs, lodges, etc.). Our consultants and expert partners in the hotel industry have a solid operational experience which assures you of their proximity to the “field”.

Their deep knowledge of the functioning and operation of a hotel and their ability to find realistic solutions. for your establishment.

AB Consulting / Hospitality Consulting, the expert in the wellness tourism sector

AB Consulting is an expert in well-being tourism with the Caisse des Dépôts. Projects for the creation and renovation of hotels with Spa, wellness Resorts & Spa, Spa & wellness retreats, thermal and thalassotherapy centers: the wellness tourism sector has a bright future ahead of it and sharpens the appetite of investors. Our unique expertise allows us to validate and program all these projects in order to support their development and ensure their sizing in line with the market.

Hospitality Management Consulting Services | Guiding Your Hospitality Business

Our hotel consulting services

At AB consultants and hotel experts provide you with solutions to all your problems:

You wish to validate your creation, extension or renovation project:

  • Market studies & hotel feasibility
  • Repositioning studies
  • Definition of your concept
  • Realization of the hotel business plan
  • Support for your project
  • Hotel development plan

You want to strengthen the development of your hotel

  • Customer studies
  • Coaching and support for the development of your hotel
  • Definition of your sales and marketing strategy
  • Assistance to administration and management
  • Complete audit of your hotel

Opening a new hotel

Feasibility study

A hotel consultant can conduct a feasibility study to determine whether a new hotel is viable in a particular location. This would involve conducting market research and analyzing the local competition, the demographics of the area, and other factors that could affect the hotel’s performance. The consultant would then provide recommendations on the type of hotel that would be most successful in that location.

Concept development

We can help a hotel develop a unique and compelling concept for the new hotel that will resonate with its target audience. This would involve developing a brand identity, creating a concept design, and defining the hotel’s guest experience.

Pre-opening planning

We can assist with pre-opening planning to ensure that the hotel is ready to open its doors to guests. This would involve developing a detailed project plan, establishing timelines and budgets, and coordinating with vendors and contractors.

Staffing and training

As a hotel consultant can help the hotel recruit and train staff for the new hotel. This would involve developing job descriptions, conducting interviews, and developing training programs to ensure that staff have the necessary skills and knowledge to provide excellent service to guests.

Marketing and public relations

As a hotel consultant can help the hotel develop a marketing and public relations strategy to generate awareness and attract guests to the new hotel. This would involve developing a marketing plan, creating promotional materials, and identifying opportunities for media coverage.

Financial management

As a hotel consultant can help the hotel develop a financial plan for the new hotel, including developing financial models and budgets, conducting financial analysis, and identifying opportunities to reduce costs and increase profitability.

Soft opening and grand opening

Before fully opening the hotel, it’s often a good idea to have a soft opening period where you can work out any kinks and make sure everything is running smoothly. Once you’re confident that everything is in order, you can then hold a grand opening event to generate excitement and publicity.

Overall, opening a new hotel requires careful planning, attention to detail, and a willingness to adapt and pivot as needed.

Study of hotel customers

Qualitative and quantitative studies and surveys of hotel customers are part of our specialties. They can be useful:

to suppliers in the hotel sector before launching a new product: to find out how sensitive the market is to this offer or identify target customers,

operators before defining their new sales and marketing strategy so that it is in line with customer expectations,

operators of hotels and other accommodations who will be able to diagnose and audit their establishment and improve its performance in terms of activity, management, composition of the offer, etc.

Hotel development plan

In addition, institutions will be able to rely on our hotel expertise to create a hotel development plan or commercial accommodation. It will make it possible to define the development needs of the commercial accommodation offer of a sector, an agglomeration or a department.

Hotel coaching and support for the development of your hotel

In preparation for the opening of a hotel, we can assist you in the following missions:

  • Implementation of operational management and procedures
  • Preparation of the launch with recruitment of teams, identification of the necessary equipment, commercial and marketing plan…
  • Our experts and coaches in hotel consulting are also able to support you in the management and management of your hotel.
We can also help you define a targeted and effective commercial and communication strategy that includes:
    • Defining your priority and secondary clientele targets
    • The choice of the most suitable distribution channels to sell your services
    • The selection of direct or indirect communication actions
    • A marketing and commercial action plan defining a timetable and a budget
    • Evaluation of the communication actions implemented

Audit & hotel diagnosis

The hotel audit makes it possible to identify the various problems encountered by the establishment and to establish solutions in order to relaunch the activity, modify the customer journey or rethink the hotel offer. Thanks to our experience of more than 20 years in hotel consulting and our unique 360° expertise in the services offered within a hotel, whatever its range (restaurant, Spa, etc.), we are seasoned interlocutors for the realization of the complete audit of your establishment.

There are different types of audits in a hotel:

  • Quality audit to assess the quality of your service and identify areas for improvement,
  • Audit of your commercial function to gauge the relevance of your commercial and marketing strategy, your communication policy, your reservation procedures (including online), etc.
  • Operational and financial audit in order to optimize your income and your operating expenses, your financial reporting system and ultimately, to improve your profitability.
    *Management audit to assess and optimize the organization and prioritization of your human resources, the quality and compliance of your procedures, the motivation of your staff, etc.
  • Full audit.

However, it is difficult to distinguish these different audits in reality as the different functions are now intertwined within the hotel (for example the reception staff who upsell to customers at check-in) .

Diagnosis of the hotel and mystery visit

Performing a diagnosis of the hotel begins with the organization of a mystery visit and then with a review and an in-depth analysis of the commercial and financial performance of the hotel.

This diagnosis can be supplemented by interviews with department heads in order to better understand the operation of the hotel, its management system, its commercial strategy, its reporting system, etc. As real coaches of your hotel and your management, our hotel consultants then carry out an analysis of these different elements in order to identify the points of vigilance and the possible points of dysfunction and establish avenues for optimization in order to improve your performance.

Thanks to their operational experience, our consultants master the operation of a hotel and know how to put into perspective the operating ratios (AR, PM, RevPAR, intermediate management balances, GOP: Gross Operating Profit, EBITDA, etc.) in relation to the size, the range and services of your hotel / accommodation.

Marketing Strategy

We can help you create a successful marketing strategy that will attract more guests to your hotel. They can conduct market research, analyze data, and develop effective marketing campaigns that target your ideal audience.

For example, we will help you develop a social media marketing plan that highlights your unique features and helps you stand out from the competition. Read also: Marketing Management Consultant

Branding and Marketing

We can help a hotel improve its branding and marketing efforts by developing a strong brand identity and marketing strategy that will resonate with its target audience. This could include conducting market research to understand consumer preferences, developing a brand positioning strategy, creating a brand messaging framework, and developing a comprehensive marketing plan.

Operational Efficiency

To unlock your success, we can help you improve the efficiency of your operations by streamlining processes and identifying areas for improvement. They can help you develop and implement standard operating procedures (SOPs) that ensure consistency and quality across all areas of your hotel.

For example, to you optimize your housekeeping process by identifying areas where time and resources are being wasted.

Operations and Process Improvement

We can help a hotel optimize its operations and processes to reduce costs and improve efficiency. This could include conducting a comprehensive operational review to identify areas of inefficiency, developing standard operating procedures, and implementing process improvements. The consultant could also provide training to hotel staff to ensure that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to implement these improvements.

Cost Optimization: Boosting Profits while Cutting Expenses

Financial Management

We will help you manage your finances more effectively by analyzing your revenue streams, identifying areas for cost savings, and creating a financial plan that supports your business goals. They can help you create a budget, track your expenses, and forecast your revenue to ensure that you are operating profitably. Read also: Financial and Accounting Management Consultant

For example, we can help you negotiate better vendor contracts and identify areas where you can reduce your energy costs, revenue management…

Here are some areas where you can provide valuable insights and recommendations:

  • Revenue management: we can help hotels optimize their revenue streams by analyzing market trends, identifying revenue opportunities, and developing pricing strategies. This includes developing dynamic pricing models, forecasting demand, and analyzing booking patterns.
  • Cost management: we can help hotels control their costs by analyzing their expenses, identifying areas of inefficiency, and developing cost-saving measures. This includes analyzing labor costs, reducing waste, and optimizing procurement processes.
  • Financial planning and analysis: we can help hotels with financial planning and analysis by analyzing financial statements, developing budgets, and forecasting financial performance.
  • This includes analyzing revenue, expenses, and cash flow, and identifying areas of risk and opportunity.
  • Capital budgeting: You can help hotels with capital budgeting by analyzing investment opportunities, developing capital budgets, and evaluating the return on investment of various projects. This includes analyzing the feasibility of new projects, evaluating financing options, and developing financial models to support investment decisions.
  • Sustainability and Environmental Management: A hotel consultant can help a hotel develop and implement sustainable practices to reduce its environmental impact and improve its social responsibility. This could include conducting a sustainability audit, developing a sustainability strategy, and implementing sustainable practices throughout the hotel. The consultant could also provide recommendations on how to improve energy efficiency, reduce waste, and implement eco-friendly initiatives.
  • Performance monitoring: You can help hotels monitor their financial performance by developing key performance indicators (KPIs) and dashboards to track progress against goals. This includes analyzing occupancy rates, revenue per available room (RevPAR), and other financial metrics to identify trends and opportunities.

Overall, with our expertise, we can help hotels improve their financial management practices, increase profitability, and mitigate financial risks.

Why hire a hotel consultant?

The use of a hotel consultant may become a necessity if your establishment faces the following situations:

  • The implementation of a procedure: your problem is targeted and you have defined your need, but you need an expert to apply the right method. In this case, you must seek a professional in procedures (HACCP method, certification procedure, etc.)
  • Solving a problem: you cannot locate your problem? In this case, you need an expert in a well-defined field, a specialist, who will be able to discern the causes of your stagnation and apply the appropriate solution.
  • Understanding and resolving a complex situation: your hotel is undergoing a complex and problematic situation involving various areas (communication, budget, etc.), so you need a generalist hotel consultant who is an expert in the sector of activity and who will undertake a general diagnosis to sort out the situation.

Keys to Hotel Success | What makes a hotel successful?

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