Questionnaire relationship with shareholders and investors

Shareholder and Investor Relations Checklist | Sample Document (Questionnaire: Is My Annual Report Easy to Use?)

Questionnaire relationship with shareholders and investors

Shareholder and Investor Relations Checklist | Sample Document (Questionnaire: Is My Annual Report Easy to Use?)

Shareholder and Investor Relations Checklist

This Shareholder and Investor Relations Checklist is very important and this is the base to build a real reputation of your company. The sample document in this article have 1 page and is an MS Word type listed under Finance and Accounting Documents.

Example of our shareholder and investor relations checklist document:


Not only are the annual reports an integral part of the annual general meeting of shareholders, they also build the reputation of your company. Your annual report must accurately describe the financial situation of your company and its prospects for the future. The following Questionnaire will help you to check whether your report is sufficiently attractive to stimulate the interest of analysts and shareholders.

Sample Document

Checklist: Relationship With Shareholders and Investors | Questionnaire: Is My Annual Report Easy to Use?


My annual report is not just a recap of the past year, it analyzes and lays the foundation for our business outlook for next year.

My annual report makes financial data immediately available and summarizes it in charts and graphs.

My report’s narrative is future-oriented and describes the management style and development plans.

My report is written in a style that allows even the average or regular shareholder to understand what is going on in my business.

My annual report uses descriptive titles and subtitles to make the report understandable to those who read it only skimmed (very quickly) and to get them to read it more in depth.

My annual report contains a fairly brief but substantial overview of my company’s markets and product lines.

The business overview in my annual report summarizes and shows how the different divisions are faring with their respective markets.

My report is presented in a presentable manner with the use of a cover, images, captions and other elements that capture the attention of the average shareholder.

My annual report is written while taking into account its role as a marketing tool and will be decisive in the recommendation of our actions by a shareholder to a friend or relative.

Your answer is more YES or NO?

The more you answer with “YES”, the more your report meets the interests of analysts and shareholders. The more you answer “NO”, the more it will be necessary to review the wording of your annual report to allow it to fully play its role.

Download this Questionnaire relationship with shareholders and investors Is My Annual Report Easy to Use?

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