You Have 2 Seconds To Make A First Impression

You Have 2 Seconds To Make A First Impression


Judgments made after a 100-ms exposure correlated highly with judgments made in the absence of time constraints, suggesting that this exposure time was sufficient for participants to form an impression.

One’s first impressions are affected by whether he or she is alone or with any number of people.

The 2 traits most quickly detected and evaluated in a study of human faces are trustworthiness and attractiveness. And followed by: likeability, competence and aggressiveness.

Most people want to be around with people they like. People want to do business with people they like.
Be likeable, even in the first 1/10 of a second.

TOP 10 – How To Make A First Impression

  1. Be yourself & think likeable.
  2. A professional appearance will enhance your personal brand.
  3. Plan ahead and find out who will attend the meeting. Do your homework before you show up!
  4. “Rehearsing” what you will say and do in those first seven seconds.
  5. Arrive a few minutes early.
  6. Make very positive eye contact with whomever you meet and greet.
  7. Give a firm hand shake.
  8. It’s not about you & listen effectively.
  9. Mind your body language & attitude.
  10. Knowledge is power and say it well!

Remember the details of the first meeting. This is also the golden rule of being a good conversationalist or customer oriented company.

We expect people we meet to have minimum standards of politeness and cleanliness but those standards are subjective.

Once you have done all that, relax! the show must go on. Now is the time to make that first impression pay off.


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