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5 Quick Steps Create a Marketing Plan

5 Quick Steps Create a Marketing Plan

1. Situation Analysis (big lines of your company's current situations)

Short description of your current product or service offering, the marketing advantages and challenges you face, and a look at the threats posed by your competitors. Write down your unique selling proposition (USP) and ask why they want you and not others?

2. Your Main target Audiance

If you're marketing to direct consumers, write a target-audience profile based on demographics, including age, gender and any other important characteristics. Business to business (B2B) marketers should list your target audiences by category (such as lawyers, doctors, shopping malls) and include any qualifying criteria for each.

3. Goals

Make it realistic and measurable so that you can easily evaluate your performance.
What about 5% increase in the 1st quarter? 10% for 2nd quarter, 7% for 3rd quarter and 5% for 4th Quarter?

4. Strategies & Tactics To GAIN

Don't make it complicated... oh c'est très compliqué... It should be 1+1=2
Monday... PR, Tuesday... direct mail, Wednesday...
Include all the actionable steps you plan to take for advertising, public relations, direct mail, trade shows and special promotions.

5. Your Budget... Budget & Budget

Brief breakdown of the costs associated with each of your tactics and devote a percentage of projected gross sales to your annual marketing budget.. So if you plan to exhibit at three trade shows per year, for example, you'll include the costs to participate in the shows and prepare your booth and marketing materials.

Of course, when starting a business, this may mean using newly acquired funding, borrowing or self-financing. Just bear this in mind—marketing is absolutely essential to the success of your business.

You may adapt this plan as your business grows and your marketing programs evolve. Soon you'll find it's a simple tool you can't afford to be without.