Best free email marketing software

Best Free Email Marketing Software Without Ads

Best free email marketing software

Best Free Email Marketing Software Without Ads

What are the Best Free Email Marketing Software Without Ads?

There are many emailing softwares, but it is sometimes difficult to find the best free email marketing software without ads, especially when you are looking for a free and ad-free solution!

The good news is that you can find what you’re looking for among several software programs that have had the good idea to offer free tools (up to a certain number of mailings)… and above all without advertising!

And moreover, if you want to check the quality of your emailing lists, you can take a look at the comparison of the 8 best free software to check an email list.

We offer you the most efficient free software in my opinion in terms of emailing.

1. Sendinblue, up to 9000 free emails per month

Sendinblue provides a free plan that enables users to send up to 300 emails per day, with no limit on the number of subscribers.

The emailing solution for Sendinblue is with the best performance while being free up to 9,000 emails per month! What more? we use it personally on this blog and I am very satisfied with it thanks to an interface that suits me well and remains easy to use.

Another great advantage is that this solution is entirely in many languages like: German, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese and also allows you to segment your email lists optimally while offering newsletter templates to give you inspiration and make your life easier.

2. HubSpot Email Marketing

Using HubSpot’s drag-and-drop email editor, you can create a custom layout for newsletters, welcome emails, birthday emails, or invitations by simply adding elements such as texts, images, buttons, videos…

Advantages of the HubSpot emailing solution:
  • Ready-to-use email templates for all categories
  • Easy editing with lots of content and design elements.
  • Full control over email settings, e.g. email subject, sender and recipient information, etc.
  • Controlling the duration and distribution of A/B tests.

3. Mailify

Mailify is an essential solution in the landscape of English, German, Portugese, Spnanish and French emailing software. With a very intuitive interface, registration for Sarbacane is free and will allow you to find out without obligation whether the tool can suit your needs. Tool for creating complete emailing campaigns that goes far beyond by also offering the sending of SMS or the creation of forms and landing pages. This can ultimately save you a lot of money by avoiding multiple subscriptions to various tools.

4. GetResponse

The Getresponse emailing solution offers a large number of advanced features such as an auto-responder as well as transactional mailings. The advantage is also to have a version completely translated into French. If you are looking for an advanced emailing tool, I advise you to take a look! Unfortunately the free version is time limited.

5. MailJet

Another good free email marketing, called Mailjet! With a free version up to 6,000 emails per month, it remains interesting to start your first newsletters. With a few additional features such as A/B testing, you have plenty to see.

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6. MailChimp

Mailchimp offers a free plan that allows users to send up to 10,000 emails per month to a maximum of 2,000 subscribers.

How not to mention MailChimp in a list of free emailing tools? This is the best-known solution on the market with a large number of users. Its main disadvantage is to be only in English and to have an interface that is sometimes unclear for my taste. However, MailChimp has the advantage of being able to connect to several other software, which can be interesting depending on the case.

The software imposed itself naturally thanks to a well thought out, complete and intuitive tool. It can be linked to many marketing tools (CRM, CMS, marketing automation) and integrates perfectly with other software.

7. MailerLite

MailerLite offers a free plan that allows users to send up to 12,000 emails per month to a maximum of 1,000 subscribers.

MailerLite is a user-friendly and intuitive email marketing platform that is suitable for both beginners and experienced marketers. It offers a drag-and-drop editor, making it easy to create professional-looking email campaigns without any coding skills. MailerLite provides various pre-designed templates, automation workflows, and advanced segmentation options to target specific groups within your subscriber list.

Website: MailerLite


8. Moosend

Moosend provides a free plan that allows users to send unlimited emails to up to 1,000 subscribers.

Website: Moosend

Moosend is an email marketing platform known for its simplicity and powerful automation capabilities. It offers a wide range of customizable templates and a user-friendly email editor to create engaging newsletters. Moosend’s automation features allow you to set up behavior-triggered emails, welcome series, and more, ensuring your subscribers receive relevant content.

9. Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email offers a free plan that allows users to send up to 500 emails per month.

Website: Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email is a comprehensive email marketing solution that caters to businesses of all sizes. It offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor to create stunning email campaigns, as well as A/B testing to optimize your email content for better engagement. Benchmark Email provides robust automation features to streamline your marketing efforts and target subscribers based on their behavior.

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10. Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns offers a free plan with up to 12,000 emails per month to up to 2,000 subscribers. It includes features like customizable email templates, automation workflows, and analytics. Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns allows you to create, send, and track email campaigns to engage with your audience and build meaningful connections. It offers features like creating and sending email campaigns, managing subscriber lists, automation workflows, analytics and reporting, and integrations with other Zoho applications and third-party apps. It has a free plan for small businesses, and you can sign up on their website to get started.


These email marketing software options provide essential features such as email templates, contact management, automation, and basic reporting. While the free plans have certain limitations in terms of the number of emails and subscribers, they still offer a great starting point for small businesses or individuals looking to engage with their audience through email marketing.

Remember to review the features and limitations of each platform to determine which one aligns best with your specific needs and requirements.

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